Yuna - 'nocturnal'


“Utterly infectious, radio-ready songs, Malaysia's Yuna has become something of a worldwide sensation."

Matt Collar -


"One of the most honest and intoxicating albums of 2013.”  

Kerry Doole - Tandem Online 


Luis Fonsi - '8'


"One of the best albums of his career with outstanding musical content."

Doris Irizarry - AXS


Nelly Furtado - 'Mi Plan'


"fusing together cultures with a hazily spiritual undertow... it says quite a bit about Nelly Furtado's ambitions and skill when her Spanish detour winds up being arguably her strongest album yet."

Stephen Thomas Erlewine -


"With a stellar cast of collaborators, Furtado delivers an all-Spanish language album of pop music that is full of both strongly felt and whimsical songs that is bound to bring pleasure to pop fans."

Tijana Ilich -




"Storm & Grace is replete with songs capable of becoming standards...The result is an album that in one swoop restores contemporary significance to the Presley brand."

Andy Gill - The Independent 


"Splitting the difference between hooky modern tunecraft and old-school hush, "Un-Break" is a high point, a track fans of Pink and her papa might all get behind."

Will Hermes - Rolling Stone


James Bryan - 'Beautiful World'


“ With 'Beautiful World' James Bryan makes his solo debut and it was an album worth waiting for… Bryan takes our global village and remixes it on it’s ear, surprising the listener with an imaginative blending of styles from African Folk to Brazilian Samba and crashing them head on with House, Dance, Pop, & Funk…"

Rob Paul - Canadian Music


" A highly melodic melange of his fluent jazz and bossa-inflected guitar stylings and house music elements, it comes strongly recommended. He somehow still found time to co-write and produce the Divine Brown smash “Old Skool Love”.  

Kerry Doole - Tandem Online 


“Bryans guitar work is exemplary... but it's his choice of singers that indicates he really knows what he is doing. Both Renee Wynter & Alessa breathe sultry fire into the songs ...” 

Brent Raynor - Now Magazine